welcome to the ETV website now if you never heard of us we're an online TV station. we love the simpsons and sports, we have a new Friday Afternoon show where you can sent you quotes as such to the e-mail of Virtualetv@gmail.com the show comes most fridays at 3,40pm till 5pm or so. down below is an etv Magazine you can download or preview it, its only a quick 2 pager. out now www.etvinfo.weebly.com.

tip; click refresh every now and then to see quick and easy updates, by clicking right click refresh.


find us easy!

to find www.etv.weebly.com the easy way go to Googles main page or any search page type in these key words 'ETV' and 'WEEBLY' and probally not needed! .COM'.

win free etv updating news per day for a fortnight.

this Document will dissapear on March 20th 2008.

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eircom League report coming soon

etv plans to bring out a new thing on Sunday evenings or Monday Afternoons the Eircom league report all about the eircom league like a mini newspaper.

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